Sen III: General Predictions

I’ve made some very specific predictions about the events of Sen III, now I figure I should put down some more general ones. Should pre-release information render some of these impossible, I reserve the right to be a ninja and alter them at any time prior to release.

  • Testa-Rossa is going to be cleansed of its curse and Alfin Cedric will become its next Awakener. [Modified 7/25/17 based on pre-release information]
  • Nord is going to be attacked and people will die. Gaius will witness this and the trauma will cause his Stigma to awaken. Thomas will help him cope with this and at the end of the game he will travel to Arteria and take his place as one of the Dominion.
  • The protagonists will temporarily work with Ouroboros for the purpose of dealing with the wild card that is Osborne. Both sides will understand that all bets are off as soon as he’s out of the picture and it will be everyone for themself in the scramble for the Sept-Terrion. And if Ein and Campanella both get involved, you can sure they’ll try to out-cheat each other to come out on top.
  • The remaining Divine Knights will all be found and receive new Awakeners if appropriate. This includes Ordine, though if Rean manages to resurrect Crow (a thought that must be going through his head) then it won’t need a new Awakener. If not, Vita may be the one to operate it.
  • The middle initial of the Arseid family will be confirmed as short for Sandlot. Falcom will finally confirm that yes, Arianrhod is Lianne Sandlot. After dancing around the issue for three whole games…
  • The remaining Stahlritter will show up to help get Phantasmal Blaze back on track, as will Campanella.
  • We’ll learn what the historical basis for Erebonia’s vampire legends is. Arianrhod may be involved (per Guan’s theory that I quite like).
  • We will learn that the cycle of Divine Knights awakening and coming into conflict with one another was caused in some way by Erebonia’s two Sept-Terrion having destroyed each other in a conflict. Some lingering drive within them or an incompatibility in their power is essentially drawing them to fight one another whether they or their Awakeners want to or not.
  • Due to an unfortunate lab accident, the attempt to resurrect Rutger Claussell will fail and instead they’ll get Rutger Hauer who will explain that the door behind which Divine Knights are sealed is properly known as a Tannhauser Gate.

7/25/2017 Update:

I modified one of the above predictions but left the rest untouched, though some have been or appear likely to be confirmed now. Gonna wait to see where everything goes before being too proud of myself for being clever. And I’ve got two more predictions of a semi-audacious nature, because that’s where I’ve been recently.

  • The ‘Erebonian Empire 1206’ artbook reveals that among other things, there’s a new red-colored puppet that appears to be related to Millium and Altina’s. Without getting too geeky about names, I’m going to predict that this one comes from the same body of legends and will be named either Nuada or Dagda. The former because he’s the guy for whom Airgetlam is an epithet and Claiomh Solais is sometimes associated with him (in Japanese sources at least) and the latter because he’s indirectly associated with Nuada and hence the previous two names and has aspects that fit both its color scheme and the way it’s shaped.
  • More audacious prediction, since we’ve all but had it confirmed that Arianrhod is an Awakener by now, I’m going to go nuts with the crack and predict that hers will be named Longinus the Silver Knight (白銀の機神ロンギヌス). That she’ll have a lance for her Knight almost goes without saying, it’s symbolically fitting and we’ve gone seven games without that name cropping up in the series yet so we’re about due. As for the color, well, the Knight we see behind Arianrhod in the teaser commercial looks silver, it matches the description of her armor and it was either that or ‘Steel Knight’ but that’s not a color so it doesn’t fit the pattern established by the other four Knights and it would be just a bit on the nose, even for Falcom.

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