Submission Form

Submitting a Theory

You have a wild crack theory of your own, yet you don’t have posting access? Go ahead and send it our way with your name so that we may be able to give you credit for it!

When submitting a theory, please make sure you write a summary of it with as few spoiler info as possible. Once complete, feel free to ‘go to town’ with the rest of it in the second field. If you have images to support your theory, please provide links in the form as well. I can add them into the article.

You will, of course, receive credit for the theory! And thanks to this site, it will be time stamped so that you will know when you submitted it and have bragging rights if/when it is revealed as being true!

Do you want to make your theory posted quicker?

All entries require at least a featured image. To make life a little easier with the activity of submissions that have been coming about here, please upload any images you want to imgur. This will make the posts significantly easier to put together.

If you want something special in the post, please provide it along with your theory!

New Field: Theory Title

This title is what will be used for your post. This may be edited based on spoilers.

Asking a Question

Do you have a burning question for something you may have missed, or a detail you desperately want to know, but haven’t been able to find?

Inspired by the ‘Ask Us Kiseki’ thread on XSEED Games, this will allow us to have a place to be able to answer your questions. Depending on the complexity of the question, some may take longer than others to answer.